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My favorites are a wonderful reflection of things that I enjoy. These are beautiful pieces of art that I would definitely recommend other people to see. :D


Racebending Alien Force! by Kapaychan
Racebending Alien Force!
I really wanted to draw this idea I've been itching to do since the beginning of I don't even know how long but I haven't had the chance to since life is so hectic and depressing right now. So I wanted to just show you guys the idea since I don't know if I'll manage to draw it eventually. Racebent Ben 10 cast (except for Julie 'cause she's the only PoC in the cast that had such a recurring role to begin with, poor bab Lovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3] )! Since Sanaa Lathan has the beautiful full lips and strong jawline (and played the badass Lex in AvP, a movie I love despite all its flaws), I thought she'd be super cute for Gwen. Takeshi Kaneshiro, who is a half-Japanese half-Taiwanese actor, just had the perfect masculine facial structure for Kevin. I was sold on the get go. If you're not convinced by this picture, check out this link where he looks perfectly grumpy. Imran Abbas is a Pakistani model and actor who I'm still having trouble finding a picture without the facial hair but has the perfect eyes for Ben. Just check out this link. (How is this man real, holy goodness?!) And I'm always in love with Angelica Lee Sin-Jie for Julie. Because she'll always be Julie in my heart of hearts, what a cutie Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) .although maybe this still counts as racebending because Lee Sin-Jie is half-Malaysian/half-Chinese.:thinking: 
you should've stayed away by Kapaychan
you should've stayed away
it's been quite a while since we last talked
but you come knockin' at my door
tears floodin' your sorry little face
and i know who they're for
everybody's given you everything
but you were never satisfied
couldn't keep yourself from wantin' more
no matter how you tried

-Cat Eyes by Domino

I have been gone a while because of work and other commitments, as per usual. But I sketched! On the train! Maybe I freaked people out, I dunno. This isn't even that bad but mature tagging anyway. :shrug:

Somewhat unrelated but I just wanted to talk about how in love with Takato Yamamoto's art I am at the moment and I really wanted to draw some beautifully grotesque work since that was so inspiring. Such gorgeous detail and beautiful people! :iconinloveplz: My favourite of his work is Salome. So pumped for Halloween! :iconflailingplz: My favourite time of the year, which usually I just celebrate the whole year anyway. :giggle:
Power Flip by Kapaychan
Power Flip
I don't know if it's appropriate for me to reveal that I kinda sneezed right on this thing while I was coloring it so it's got this funny wrinkled paper look right on the middle that I photoedited to death. I'm just an embarrassment. Anyway, I kinda headcanon FourArms Julie to be a different race to the one that shows up on default for Ben so here's a blue Tetramand! I'll respond to comments tomorrow, I gotta sleep and rest. I don't know what I'm doing with my life. Soz.

Monochrome version
Preview!Power Flip by Kapaychan
Preview!Power Flip
More art as I stay at home being sick! Llama Emoji 25 (Mah Sexy Cheeks) [V2] I've had the whole Julie getting the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix idea from a couple of people before: :iconakinoame::iconshinymewtwovsjason: but I don't know if anyone's thought of Ben getting the Galvanic Mechamorph suit. I wanted to follow the Melan from Brigadoon kind of streamlined, smooth design for the male version of the Ship!armor. I think it's interesting getting a very bulky Samus Aran type armor for the girl and the slender version for a guy, does anyone else agree? It's more fun! :XD: And also Julie as FourArms in the background 'cause it's cool. Emoji41 
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On Ben's Characterization and the narrative subtext: 

“ The relationship issues he has is by far the most minor, most insignificant of his psychopathic behavior. I just thought it was the funniest of all of them, but not even remotely comes close to all of the times he endangers other people's lives because of his reckless actions whenever he battles villains (pick any episode, seriously any of them. My favorite has to be the one where he throws a bomb in a nearby building beside a busy marketplace. Not in the air towards the sky, not somewhere empty like the usual wastelands that most AF episodes occur in. But a building beside a marketplace. Evidently there isn't anyone there, not even squatters who can't afford a place to stay on. But who cares anyway if poor people get destroyed by a bomb? Because shenanigans!). Even that amusing thing you pointed out yourself. He laughs at Billy Billions getting stuck in an alternate universe with a bunch of killer robots. It's funny because an 11 year old kid gets stuck isolated in a harsh world where he could have died. Comedy gold. Severe lack of empathy in a nutshell. Oh, and that fun little episode in which he terrorises Mr Baumann purely by not giving two shits about the guy's life and livelihood? It even ends with his house getting destroyed and what does Ben do? Give his insurance information or policy number? Help to get the firemen or the police in place? Offer to give him a house over his head at least for the night until they fix the damage? Nope! He runs away. Because screw that guy, it's funnier leaving him out there to suffer in misery about having Ben's reckless actions damage his property and way of living. Ben doesn't need to trouble himself with that pesky thing called a conscience: he's a hero. Oh, another favorite of mine has to be Pakmar. Just Pakmar. Isn't it just so funny to destroy his livelihood every single time they come across him? Even when he's being civil enough to let them through his shops, nope, we're not gonna extend the same courtesy and be careful. We'll just keep destroying and not even assist when damage is done. That's a repeated constant annoying noise of Ben making pointed indications that he cares more to beat up bad guys than he does want to actually protect and save civilians because it's inconvenient to make conscious decisions to act carefully or to lead the chaos and the fight to quieter, less populated areas. The explosions are much prettier after all, if there are buildings - that people work in and live in - involved. Dragon Ball Z actually does this much better, and by all accounts it should have much more devastating collateral damage. The difference is that the good guys constantly invite baddies to fight with them in empty places, and tend to wish people back to life or be relocated to a different planet. This show and its hero gives no damn. All it does is hurt and it thinks it's funny. That in essence is all of the descriptions I gave of sociopathy - lack of empathy, an inability to relate to other people's pain, destructive aggressive violence and thrill-seeking with no regards for others. The fact that this happens constantly is what makes it actually clinically definitive of antisocial personality disorder. He's unable to learn, unable to show remorse, because he'd otherwise change his behavior. But he doesn't. He's still immature. Just the fact that he returns to status quo is another sign of that problematic behaviour.

You know the reason why he looks like he's passing for normal? He's a high functioning sociopath. A more common variation than genuinely easy to detect sociopaths. Fiction has destroyed the meaning of the term by constantly presenting the extreme versions who outright kill. Most sociopaths don't.”

Talking about the “accidental” collateral damage that was Pakmar's business that was one of Omniverse's running gags:

“You know what hurts about the whole accident thing? Have you ever encountered a person who, say someone you had a car collision with and they're in the other car and they see you obviously injured/in pain and your car massacred by the crash then just simply be dismissive about you, go off on his merry way because it's just an accident anyway? I'm trying to put this similar situation into a real life scenario because it's harder when there's fantastical elements to actually acknowledge it. But that's essentially what it is. This is the inherent problem with Omniverse in general, it depersonalizes and dehumanizes the characters especially because they're aliens. You don't need to relate to them, you should feel distant and foreign to them, like a privileged white guy looking down on those brown people, and laughing at the fact that - hey, hey, they're much poorer than you are and have to work much harder to get the privileges you take for granted. So funny! It's fantastical racism, YAY~ But seriously, though. I love that everything from previous feels hilarious in hindsight. My most favourite episode to watch to really feel the pain of Omniverse!Ben's more egregious abuse of the law is Basic Training, where Magister Hulka informs his little Plumber trainees that they are supposed to be law enforcement, here to arrest and apprehend evil doers but they are not judge, jury and executioner. That's not what they're trained for. Then OV!Ben proceeds to shit all over that and judges that it's totes okay to be physically assaulting and torturing Vilgax while he's in cuffs and being escorted to prison, Will Harangue should be turned into an alien, etc. etc. :lmao: Just gotta enjoy hilarious in hindsight moments. And the whole scene with the ending of Ultimate Enemy part 2 alongside So Long And Thanks For All The Smoothies. It's just delicious, delicious hypocrisy. :XD:

On the assault that Vilgax took during “Vilgax Must Croak” and police brutality or abuse of power:

“I had to pause for a really long time and stare at the ceiling sadly for at least a day before I replied because saying that you "don't really blame [Ben] for assaulting Vilgax" brings up the whole host of reasons of why Omniverse has this problem. The fans are so complicit to Ben's questionable behaviour. The Plumbers are intergalactic police forces, what he's doing when he's grabbing a prisoner, dropping him down on the floor, sitting right on top of him to add pressure and pulling at his tentacles (imagine it's hair instead, please) repeatedly while he roughly questions him and forces him to admit that the events around them were caused by him (which is unfounded and revealed to be untrue, by the way) is referred to as police brutality. This is the Zimmerman case were a guy who's a part of neighbourhood watch is allowed to get away with pulling a gun and shooting a teenager without even a manslaughter judgment only because "he looked suspicious". This is the torture in Guantanamo Bay. There are no justifications for people in authority to be abusing their power for any reason. Ever. It doesn't matter if it's a terrorist, it doesn't matter if it's a totalitarian leader with a bunch of war crimes. That is the beginning of the slippery slope in which we justify even just basic suspicion to mistreat someone. Guilty until proven innocent. Only the judges and the jury get to decide, based on precedent and established law what to do. Police officers are not allowed to supersede the justice system in place. We had an entire episode in Ultimate Alien called Prisoner Number 775 Is Missing where Ben comments in horror on the inhumane, cruel treatment of prisoners in a detainment facility, for goodness' sake. Now he's the jailor in that prison and we're just supposed to laugh.

I want to put a comparison in the contrast between UA acting like it uses torture to collect information from enemies and Omniverse doing so: examples from Reflected Glory has a situation in which a Forever Knight is strapped to a chair and being questioned about the Knights actions and motives regarding a power decoupler and Kevin threatens to have Ben turn into an alien that would supposedly "eat him". And in the Beginning of The End, there was one of the Esoterica who were captured who was also questioned and threatened by Kevin this time with a machine that circulates air and reconverts carbon dioxide to oxygen so his car can be submerged into water. In both of these instances there is no physical assault of somebody who's strapped down and can't fight back, and the threats are completely without something to back it up. They are bluffs. In Omniverse, outright genuine physical assault. The previous is funny because they're unfounded threats, while the latter is funny because physical abuse by someone in authority.

All of these things that they put in humorous light are not humorous. Poverty and disenfranchisement is not humorous. Sexism is not humorous. Racism, no matter how fictional the setting with its presence of robots and aliens and wizards, is not funny. Social responsibility is important to maintain regardless of scenario, even when it's supposed to be a light, happy comedy. Omniverse needs to understand the human condition, systemic oppression and cultural problems before it can go around pretending it's okay. Fans shouldn't be supporting or even justifying and agreeing with it for things that are not okay. It's not right.”


I wasn't originally going to edit this but I wanted to bring everyone's attention to the fact that predominant mainstream media messages have a way of severely affecting the perception people have of others. That we are all responsible for contributing to the perpetuation of horrible ideas or continuing systemic prejudices.

As Elie Wiesel has said, "I swore never to be silent when human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

Police brutality is a very real thing that severely affects, as it turns out, PoC and the disenfranchised. It's really hard to laugh at something that genuinely happens. We should be asking for media that does not endorse or reflect the same principles of a broken government and justice system and instead aspiring for a representation that instead questions the way authority works in real life and presenting a much better, fairer system. We can't have something that reflects and carries over the same bullying system that abuses its power and it should be called out.

Take a look at this list:…
This doesn't even include the very recent death of Vonderrit Myers, Darrien Hunt, Kajieme Powell. This list does not even include the shooting death of 7 year old girl Aiyana Stanley Jones from overzealous police: thepoliticalfreakshow.tumblr.c…. And we are apparently supposed to find humour in police brutality.

As of this moment, this ridiculous propaganda regarding the threat of ISIS has been blown to the point that every piece of news and media here in Australia is about justifying the raiding of Muslim communities' homes. People are being arrested by the police simply for looking Middle Eastern:…. I was driving to work one morning when I saw this kind of poster on the back of a van that was driving in front of me:…. I am legitimately terrified by people in power here. Actual systems of power are in place to protect police and authority that commit acts of violence on people they consider other or they have mere suspicion on. That is the threat posed by continuing a problematic rhetoric of making light of things like police brutality. They're not just stories or fiction when they carry over to real life. That is a reflection of people's beliefs, which may be subconscious but needs to be called out regardless. 

 On vigilanteism and how "might makes right" or people with money/influence or power (usually in the form of white, cis, heterosexual men  - refer to the superhero genre) should be the ones making decisions regarding justice :

"I actually posted that link of Folding Ideas discussion on the big problem in the superhero genre that continues to follow along those lines: there's further expansion on the concept of vigilantism, underlying Jingoism, and other issues. If anything, I feel like Omniverse is just another symptom of something much bigger going on in media, some strange political justification of questionable actions by showing that it makes sense and it's vindicated. There are more layers to it, of course, like you mentioned with the concept of audience wish fulfilment also playing into the equation."

"Oh, no. Don't worry, I agree with Omniverse not making an active conscious decision to side with that particular argument in favour of vigilantism. I think it's a part of the subconscious, something they're doing because it's been harped on for so long that they've come to believe it and follow along the same lines. Which really just indicates the power of media to just tap into the collective subconscious and tell the masses what to believe after years of being fed the same sort of crap. These superhero pieces have begun to hold very similar principles primarily out of believing that it's supposed to just be part of the myth, something we have to accept because it happens and its predominant so it continues to happen in a feedback loop.

While I don't necessarily think that the genre encourages fascism, it conduces it to become more acceptable and more readily believable as a sufficient solution for so-called extreme situations. That's what generally happens in constant repetition. I do love the genre too, but I acknowledge its failings when it falters like this. I do love the moments when people take the rising development of such principles and write stories to question the issues with it. Kingdom Come actually happens to be one of my favourite comics of all time, which was a great gateway for opening up discussion and the consequences of such behaviour. That particular video actually did discuss Dark Knight and Man of Steel in the context of condoning these kinds of actions. With Dark Knight itself actually acknowledging the presence of its questionable behaviour and yet giving a positive response and condoning it because it is "for the greater good". It gets them somewhere and therefore removing the rights of civilians to privacy, torture and all these things should apparently be okay. At the end it presents a very confirmative answer to the question of should we go too far? Yes, apparently, because it produces results and he doesn't really get any negative consequences for the things he's done with law enforcement. Man of Steel is even more problematic in its actually just completely ignoring the fact that the hero just killed a man. He killed a man. No discussion. No consequences. There was an immediate moment of sadness, then apparently nothing else about it gets brought up as if it never existed. Like an issue that was swiftly swept under the rug. I like Dark Knight and I acknowledge its problems so I'm not gonna go around pretending people can't like problematic things. What I say, in essence, is that problems should be aired out and not ignored for the sake of elevating the material and justifying why it's liked.

I think one of the things that is important is to continue being critical of such things, trying to constantly coax change, have much better and more impartial discussions introduced into stories like this. With the superhero genre, I haven't given up on it, but I do ask it to try harder and be better. That's my overly long two cents :lmao:."

On misogyny:

“That moment when Ben rationalises his attitude as BullFrag, I realized: Oh my God. He's one of those people that's propagating a stereotype - a very hurtful and disturbing one, that rationalizes the existence of rape culture or any other horribly misogynistic objectifying attitude towards women because apparently being a guy completely absolves you of the decision-making and responsibility to not act as if you're thinking with your penis. Because he's a guy. And that shit's okay because a guy is just inherently ingrained not to be able to help himself when he sees a female of the species. That's when I finally really swallowed that this isn't the Ben I loved because he's not that kind of person. He's not that terrible. It took me a while to really put into words what my true issue with that scene was and it wasn't just that Attea was no longer the only female who doesn't have the gender rules of Omniverse pasted on her forehead. Although that's still a major part, the characterization with Ben actually hurt me more.

My sister actually said I should finish that parody picture of my depicting Omniverse as a generic harem anime (complete with the lazy moe art style of crap like K-ON), where I show all of the females that ever appeared in all the series and have Ben as the ingratiatingly boring and blank slate male protagonist that exemplifies This Loser Is You because of how much it squarely wants to pander to the lowest common denominator. And now it's not even funny anymore because it is just true. There's nothing hilarious about it when it's just emulating a sad fact. So I couldn't. I didn't even want to look at my drawing anymore.

This was the reason why I had to go and talk about Ben's characterization during AF in the notes, because it was important to show the complete degradation that he went through and place it in stark contrast with his current attitude. He was engaging and great and kind, his mistakes and issues as a person were endearing not vile and charmless. And that was my favorite character, not whatever he's been beaten into a pulp to with his Character Decay. Even OS Ben wasn't as obnoxious as the current Ben.”

I really am kind of happy about these posts even though at the time of their posting I was actually so upset as I collected these information that I felt physically ill. I remember having heart palpitations, severe heat on my body, this crushing feeling in my chest and that kind of rolling stomach feeling like I was going to hurl each time I had to make posts like these. Most of the time when I speak about things like misogyny or racism there's an accompanying personal history behind it and a trauma I carry from experiencing those things myself in real life that makes my response to it so severe. That's why it's hard for me to talk about objectification and fetishization sometimes because it reminds me too much of how this person that I had feelings for treated me for the better part of two to three years like I wasn't human and responded with surprise when I spoke about my personal thoughts. Some of these topics are extremely trigger-y because of the physical threat that I faced in day to day life at the butt end of these issues. So you can imagine trying to find entertainment in something that reminds of those personal experiences to be extremely difficult.

Nowadays though, I kind of look at these posts and find some amusement in that I managed to retain composure enough to actually talk about these things then. I think the only thing I would have avoided would be the rather ableist behaviour I had towards the low empathy illnesses that I spoke about in Omniverse Ben's characterization. I think that part of it is somewhat problematic. And I'd likely have used Antisocial Personality Disorder or Conduct Disorder rather than the term 'Sociopathy' since the latter term seems outdated. Nonetheless, the negative aspects of that characterization needed to be brought to light and had to be broken down effectively to understand what the issue was in painting it in a humorous fashion, especially when the show is targeted for a younger audience. Also I'd change that line with the objectification point in misogyny to remove the medical term "penis" to genitalia to avoid sounding transphobic. But for the most part, I still stand by these thoughts.

In other news, I got sent back home because I was having loud coughing fits at work and my laboratory supervisor told me to go because they don't want me spreading my virus. It's mildly frustrating being stuck at home doing nothing for more than a week. :(


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I DO NOT take requests or commissions.
Ask for requests at your own risk since there are already plenty of signs that tell me you're not paying attention or respecting my wishes: comment may be hidden or you may be banned from this page. Thank you.

I find it amusing when people are like: don't do this thing that you do (mostly because they personally don't like it -not because it's a genuine criticism of my privileges/dismantling ingrained societal isms). Your sense of entitlement is cute :sarcasm:. Also, no.


For the whole Ben 10 franchise, my OTP is Benlie. Just in Omniverse, my OTP is my face x my palm. Best ship.


“…people being completely at the mercy of The Nile.” - documentary

Older Sister: So they have to structure their lives around it.
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