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I DO NOT take requests or commissions.


My favorites are a wonderful reflection of things that I enjoy. These are beautiful pieces of art that I would definitely recommend other people to see. :D
  • Mood: Sympathy
I stand in solidarity with the black community and Ferguson right now as we grieve the tragedy of another death of a black teenager.

Links to some resources and information regarding the situation found on this page:…

A petition to require officers to wear a camera to end police brutality and reduce the pointless deaths from the abuse of their authority:…

They said you have to have a wish on birthdays and stuff so mine is this: I wish that black people, most especially young black kids, no longer have to deal with violence against them on the basis of their race. I wish for the day that they can go about their daily lives, walk around the neighbourhoods, shop, play sports, like any other people and not get stalked or hurt or killed by the people who were supposed to be protecting the community. I want a day to come where PoC no longer have to live every day, every second, every moment through the collective trauma of racism and die because of it. That's my birthday wish.


and Hell followed with him by Kapaychan
and Hell followed with him
As much as Hellseeker is a terrible film, I find it an intriguing follow-up based on the alternate scene in the special features. It strangely reinforces the pattern of Pinhead having this notable capacity to bargain with Kirsty as if he's just as willing to play along. He doesn't exactly give many others the chance to do the same thing. It's like they're on equal grounds in terms of manipulation, which really gives Kirsty a very fascinating edge. It's a gray area on who's being used or being outwitted.

I gotta say I adore Kirsty.

Also, still don't know if I should mature tag. Maybe when it's coloured. It's quite an animesque look anyway, so it distils the horror elements.
To answer everyone's question: No, I don't watch Omniverse anymore. I have no opinion on any new episodes and I don't plan to watch anymore, I'm not masochistic. :XD: 
Racebending! by Kapaychan
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Also I might have failed my exam bcause I was doing this and the hellraiser fanart but I'm done~~ :iconflailingplz: I gotta admit, this was a labour of absolute love. I miss being just in love with these guys, ya know? In particular my OTP, but seriously. Best team. :happycry: Also, here's a link to the racebending tumblr which is a fantastic resource and safe space for PoC. The blog also actively promotes/demands for diverse representation in media as well as breaks down the issue of the disproportionate representation that favours privileged groups and how this harms people.

Takeshi Kaneshiro as Kevin
Sanaa Lathan as Gwen
Imran Abbas as Ben
Lee Sin-jie as Julie
pouring crimson regret by Kapaychan
pouring crimson regret
Do you remember me?
Lost for so long
Will you be on the other side
Or will you forget me?
I'm dying, praying, bleeding and screaming
Am I too lost to be saved?
Am I too lost?

Don't know if I should mature content? Again, this is extremely tame in comparison to some of my other art like the Muzan-e. I just wanted to declare that I totally ship this and there's not enough fic out there. Also, this irresistible forsaken thing is stopping me from doing my exam studying so I just did it to get it out of my system. :shakefist:
 The only thing I might be looking forward to right now from Warner Bros is that they're apparently going to make a live action Static Shock series. Emoji26 


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I DO NOT take requests or commissions.
Ask for requests at your own risk since there are already plenty of signs that tell me you're not paying attention or respecting my wishes: comment may be hidden or you may be banned from this page. Thank you.

I find it amusing when people are like: don't do this thing that you do (mostly because they personally don't like it -not because it's a genuine criticism of my privileges/dismantling ingrained societal isms). Your sense of entitlement is cute :sarcasm:. Also, no.


For the whole Ben 10 franchise, my OTP is Benlie. Just in Omniverse, my OTP is my face x my palm. Best ship.


“…people being completely at the mercy of The Nile.” - documentary

Older Sister: So they have to structure their lives around it.
Kapaychan: Kinda like some internet people I know.
Older Sister: :iconiseewhatyoudidthere: OH! BURN!
Kapaychan: :iconsnapplz: OH NO I DIDN’T~


Disclaimer: Ben 10 original series, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse and all the respective characters within are property of Man of Action.

The Naruto manga and its characters are the property of Masashi Kishimoto.

The Dragon Ball Z characters are property of Akira Toriyama.

The Portal game and its characters are property of Valve


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I just saw "Fight at the Museum" and just gave me more reasons to hate Omniverse.

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What did you think of fight at the museum?
Dremare Featured By Owner Edited Oct 17, 2014
So I was on tumblr, and I saw a screencap of a recent episode of Omniverse that showed Kevin in his clothes from the Ben 10,000 episode he appeared in. I got curious, and I found out that they basically retconned EVERYTHING about Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. I'd recap what I found out, but I am too enraged. The only GOOD news I've found out is that Omniverse is going to end next month, meaning that we will no longer be plagued by the show anymore. Seriously, they just keep RETCONNING everything.
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Hey check out the collage I made about Julie from my "Fictional Females" collection
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shinymewtwovsjason Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
awesome Idea cab you make a picture where Ben is the green power ranger and Julie is the pink ranger both are holding their helmets and are in their uniform.
Kapaychan Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's an interesting idea! I've been sick lately so I might have some time to sketch a few simple things out, so watch this space. :nod:
shinymewtwovsjason Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
Ok can do.
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